Let's build a
climate neutral energy network

Make your home energy independent and carbon neutral with a free solar system on your roof.


For the planet and a better home

Best Value

Pay nothing for a modern solar power system on your roof, while also pay less on your clean energy bill than what you pay now.

Energy Independence

Become independent from energy price increases with your own clean energy.

Peace of Mind

Just say “Yes” and we take care of the rest. We’ll take care of the planning, permitting, installation and lifetime servicing of your clean energy.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Take control of your home energy consumption anytime, anywhere and be informed on the status of your lease plan.

Energy Network

As a network we are stronger. Trade your clean energy with your neighbors or community and earn a higher income on your energy.


Invest the savings you make on your clean energy into rising.eco's renewable energy community projects so others can benefit too.

Let's build a climate neutral
energy network together.

We build renewable energy communities

Rising.eco is the backbone of tomorrow's renewable energy communities. It empowers communities in their shift to a more resilient and clean energy system.