Lead the Way in Sustainability.

Join the growing number of Towns who take Climate Action into their own hands. Start a Renewable Energy Community for local Residents, Businesses, and Institutions.

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Electricity Generation is moving into Communities.

rising.eco’s technology provides smart distribution and storage for local energy communities. Members save cost while helping to reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants.

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Get ready for the Future.

The future of electricity is distributed. By 2030, the EU aims to supply 21% of total electricity from Renewable Energy Communities.

More affordable and predictable electricity for everyone.

Our automated software optimizes the distributes and stores of electricity between members. They for an intelligent peer-to-peer network, which allows us to balance between production and consumption.

Lead the Way.

Bring your community closer together and show an example for your citizens and other municipalities.

Seize your opportunity.

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Inside the Technology.

Energy Community Software with the ideal Hardware.


  • Works with all established inverters, batteries, and panel brands.
  • Install and Forget. Built for Durability and easy access.
  • Designed and Made in the EU.


  • Controls and monitors your system from anywhere.
  • Keeps track of expenses and earnings automatically.
  • Distributes and stores Power efficiently.

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Questions? We got you covered.

Firstly we will need a couple of members but at least 7 to come together. After that we can help start the incorporation and authorization process as well as involve the network operator. We are happy to support you in the process.

That depends on your activity too. As soon as 7 members gather we can start the incorporation. After registration, you can help speed up the process by inviting your neighborhood.

The communities we operate are Cooperatives and in some rare cases Nonprofit Ltd-s.

The installation of our solution comes free of charge. We will only earn once you start saving. We take a 10% brokerage fee on kWh traded on each transaction.

Yes, no change there. You will receive two bills. An attractive one from the community and a less attractive one from your existing centralized electricity provider.

Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.