Do You Have Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on energy communities run with’s technology. Also, please feel free to check out our blog content. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Super simple. Register here and we will take you through each step. Based on your zip code we will match you with an Energy Community in your region. In case there is no community in your region yet, we will help you create one.

Yes. Passive participants are encouraged to join too. They will receive less community electricity though. You also have the opportunity to build your own solar system. Get in touch, we can help you with that.

Yes, we can help with that. What’s more, the investment will pay off faster as part of an energy community. In cooperation with accredited solar installers, we take over the tasks from survey through installation to maintenance. Contact us and we will help you.

Firstly we will need a couple of members but at least 7 to come together. After that we can help start the incorporation and authorization process as well as involve the network operator. We are happy to support you in the process.

The minimum number of members is 7 but we encourage communities to group in bigger numbers. As a bigger network we have better chances balancing supply and demand.

That depends on your activity too. As soon as 7 members gather we can start the incorporation. After registration, you can help speed up the process by inviting your neighborhood.

In most cases we recommend the establishment of cooperatives as they are the least complicated to join and leave and have a fitting governance with the principle of one member, one vote. We think that suits well for energy communities. In rare cases, a Nonprofit Ltd. may be more fitting depending on the considerations of biger industrial actors and municipalities.

The community electricity price depends on many things such as the time of consumption, network topology, the type of members and infrastructure in place so there is no definite answer. It can be anything between 10%-60% saving compared to market price.

As a network we can better balance supply and demand between the members and hence optimize the efficiency of each renewable energy asset. The optimization can reach up to 50% efficiency gain compared to autark systems.

Members are only liable with their membership shares within the Energy Community in case of a Cooperative. You are not obliged to make additional payments. The liability is hence minimal.

You can join free of charge. We will earn when you save.

The installation of our solution comes free of charge. We will only earn once you start saving. We take a 10% brokerage fee on kWh traded on each transaction.

Our connects to your inverter or smart meter. We only need to connect to these devices to read out production and consumption data. We will take care of the setup.

Yes, we will need a smart meter to connect to. Do not worry if you do not own one yet. We can help to set you up.

Yes, no change there. You will receive two bills. An attractive one from the community and a less attractive one from your existing centralized electricity provider.

Yes. It is advisable for solar parks to join Renewable Energy Communities. This way we can make sure that they sell their electricity to consumers in proximity.

Yes, the system is agnostic. The only condition is that the supply to the community is based on a sustainable energy source.