Let’s make Electricity clean together.

Save and earn with rising.eco by getting more out of locally produced renewable energy.

How it works

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The Power of Community.

Efficient Electricity Distribution and Storage.

Our intelligent technology automatically distributes and stores the produced energy among the members of the energy community, thus helping to maintain stable, below-market energy prices.

At the same time, together we are increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources, reducing the demand for CO2 emitting power plants.

Get the complete package from rising.eco.

Installation & Maintenance.

Enjoy long-term reliable operation of your solar electric system. We proudly work with the best partners in the industry.

Energy, independent.

Be your own electricity supplier. Our automated technology handles everything else.

Direct Monitoring anywhere, any time.

Track your electricity production and earnings on the go with our app.

Seize your opportunity.

Join the community today.

Inside the Technology.

Energy Community Software with the ideal Hardware.


  • Works with all established inverters, batteries, and panel brands.
  • Install and Forget. Built for Durability and easy access.
  • Designed and Made in the EU.


  • Controls and monitors your system from anywhere.
  • Keeps track of expenses and earnings automatically.
  • Distributes and stores Power efficiently.

Partners who trust us.


Questions? We got you covered.

The community electricity price depends on many things such as the time of consumption, network topology, the type of members and infrastructure in place so there is no definite answer. It can be anything between 10%-60% saving compared to market price.

Yes, we can help with that. What’s more, the investment will pay off faster as part of an energy community. In cooperation with accredited solar installers, we take over the tasks from survey through installation to maintenance. Contact us and we will help you.

Members are only liable with their membership shares within the Energy Community in case of a Cooperative. You are not obliged to make additional payments. The liability is hence minimal.

That depends on your activity too. As soon as 7 members gather we can start the incorporation. After registration, you can help speed up the process by inviting your neighborhood.

You can join free of charge. We will earn when you save.

Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.